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VZ7000 Digital DC Servo Drive

Product Descriptions

VZ7000 DC Motor is an integrated digital DC motor controller introducing the advanced power module technology. While many manufacturers have discontinued manufacturing DC motors, REJ provides the VZ7000 DC solution for the DC power supply.

Product Characteristics

The VZ7000DC allows compatibility with VZ7000AC through software reconfiguration, leaving the existing hardware intact.

System Configuration

Falling Demand for DC Motors

The demand for DC motors has been on the decline. This trend has accelerated during the last two decades as many manufacturers have a discontinued production of DC motors. Although it is hard to find DC replacement components including SCR, transistors and control boards, REJ is trying to provide engineering maintenance and support wherever possible.

Existing Facility Issues

• Mechanical systems or components frequently fail due to aging deterioration and long use.
• Since SCR (thyristor) has been discontinued, maintenance service is getting less active due to the unavailability of spare parts.
• It takes long to restart production operations in the event of a breakdown, resulting in an extended downtime and productivity decreases.
• There are few technical engineers who have specialized expertise and knowledge in DC motors.

Proposal from REJ

REJ’s traditional strategic plan

Concerns and issues

• Since DC motors and SCR are hard to come by, the entire system needs to be replaced with an AC drive controller and AC motor.
• The motor replacement requires some extended downtime due to an extensive mechanical work including reconstruction, remodeling, rebuilding and wiring.
• Plus, the task involves huge costs.

REJ’s new strategic plan with VZ7000DC


• The DC motor currently being used remains available.
• Operational efficiency and effectiveness will be obtained because of the advanced device (VZ7000AC).
• Existing equipment cabling can be reused if the existing condition is adequate for the intended use, which will shorten the duration of the task and reduce operational costs.
• In the event of a DC motor breakdown, it can be replaced with an AC motor, with drive hardware (VZ7000) intact.

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