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Discontinued Products Announcement

REJ appreciates your purchasing and feedback in the past, which made our products better and more strategic.

REJ values your continued support of our leading technologies. As we continue to develop new products to better service our customers with a broader range of diverse and innovative products, we find it necessary to discontinue or phase out some of our stock items along with the discontinuation of obsolete types of parts, design improvement, limited parts availability from our partners and suppliers.

Please address your product needs and place last time buy orders for your stock before spare parts get hard to come by or adopt replacement products in renewal process. REJ has released new product offerings that are direct functional replacements for the discontinued models (design change, modification or remodeling might be required). Contact your sales representative for any help or additional information you may need. We appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you.

• Although the items scheduled for discontinuation will not be used for newly developed products, they will be supported for a limited time in order to allow for future planning by all our customers. REJ asks that our customers begin to substitute the replacement products in their designs and stocks, so we will assist in your product renewal process. We are also offering a last buy option to address any current and future needs. Please be sure that orders will require some time to be delivered since they will be processed upon receipt of order. Regarding purchase of printed circuit boards or other components, please contact our sales representatives below.

• For the discontinued items, our service division will be in charge of replacement and repair services. There’s a limited lifetime warranty and you will still be able to request our service division for defective parts. See the contact information below. Repair and maintenance support services are guaranteed for a warranty period of seven years. Fulfillment of orders will be based on available supply through our service division as long as supplies last. When our service division has exhausted their entire stock, the spare parts are no longer available.

Maintenance and Repair

Although our service division will do the best possible to accommodate your needs, they may not be able to offer maintenance or repair services if spare parts stock gets exhausted.

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