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Drive Systems

As a pioneer in control technology, REJ provides high quality drive control units and efficient total engineering solutions for hardware, software and a wide variety of automation products of metal, plastics and automobile fields.
In supervisory controllers of drive units across a wide variety of industries (automobiles, steels, coil, paper, corrugated paper, textiles), the servo applications bring out high-performance cutoff and positioning capabilities and accommodate diverse customers’ needs for enhanced cutoff accuracy, productivity and energy-saving.

Multi-talented Drive Systems

Process Line

Blanking & Servo Transfer

Industry areas where REJ drive systems are taking active roles

  Industries Industrial Machinery End Products
Printing / Paper Rotary printing press, Industrial printing press, Offset printing press Newspaper, Calendar
Automobile / Tire Blanking (Processing) lines, Three-dimensional transfer, Mixer, Treadmill, Test stand Automobile, Motorcycle, Tire
Metal / Nonferrous Metal
Annealing and pickling line
Coating line, Copper foil treatment, Milling cutter, Rotary shear, Slitter Building materials, Plumbing pipe, Condenser, Auto parts, Locker, Household electric products
Plastic / Film Coating line, Laminating and coating, Vacuum deposition, Nonwoven fabrics bonding, Sheetfed printing Roll film, Audio tape, Video tape, Plastic wrap, Wallpaper, Food container
Paper / Corrugated Paper Corrugators, Paper cutter Corrugated cardboard, Fine quality paper
Food / Beverage Food processing machine, Filling machine, Canning machine Snacks, Canned and bottled products
Electronics / Semiconductor Flat panel display (FPD), Semiconductor device Personal computer, Compact disc, Cellular phone
Carrier System Carrier, Multilevel warehouse, Airport conveyor  
Entertainment Chairlift, Amusement park rides  

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